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LeiceMaan SecurityRiskControl India Private limited works with the motto “Excellence In Service”. We offer unique and committed services to our clients in all sectors of business and is driven by a passion to be the best in the industry. We strive to sustain the highest standards of quality in service, transparency in relationships, compliance to rules and regulations and understanding the client’s needs and their business goals. We provide support in the following functional domains and business sectors concerning protection of their assets, personnel and information, threat assessment and security training.

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Corporate Security Solutions

The concept of securing your business has moved far from the idea of keeping a uniformed person at the entry points of your establishments, to formation of a designated vertical for the business houses and corporate bodies usually called corporate security departments. It needs expert manpower with specialized knowledge and exposure to security situations that affects the business goals. Due diligence, Fraud Investigations, Forensic Audits, Competitive Intelligence etc have become the key words in corporate security today and the SecurityRiskControl Inc helps its clients to address any of these issues related to their business.

Manned Guarding

Despite the increasingly adopted automation and incorporation of advanced technologies in securing the properties world over, the importance and inevitability of manned guarding cannot be overlooked. It is more so with the emergence of corporate bodies and business establishments and the need is huge and growing. Security guarding has evolved manifold and today it forms one of the integral parts of businesses around the world. We at SecurityRiskControl Inc. is taking that momentum forward and we intend to provide well trained, well-groomed manpower suitable to your business needs. We ensure that every member of our team fulfills these professional criteria that make us the world standard in security.

Risk Management

Prevention is better than cure. Risk is a situation that exposes one to danger and in this complex business world, complacency could prove disastrous even to the existence of a business entity however small or big. It could be internal or external, physical or cyber, practical or process oriented. Security surveys and risk assessments help you to identify the inbuilt or anticipated security and business risks that might affect your business.

  • Risk Identification, Risk Assessment, Risk Control, Risk Review
    Managing risk is not only an expert’s job but it involves active participation and awareness from the employees and stake holders of your business also. A complete risk management solution is achieved only through an effective risk management process suitable to your organization. A comprehensive risk management process comprises of Risk Identification, Risk Assessment, Risk Control and Risk Review. SecurityRiskControl Inc can help you in addressing all this problems you might face both internal and external to your organization that affects the business goals of the organization.
  •  CPTED
    Moving to the latest practices like Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), corporate security is moving closer to the crime prevention techniques and principles drawn from criminology. Business premises that are environmentally designed to avoid unacceptable behavior and incidents, becomes more successful and stable.
  • Principles of Criminology in Security
    Corporate security concepts are increasingly being influenced by the application of principles of criminology in containing crimes in the business world. Criminology theories like Rational Choice Theory, Routine Activity Theory etc have deep rooted practical applications in business and corporate security. SecurityRiskControl Inc has international expertise in neutralizing threats based on the theoretical and practical perspectives of crime prevention in your business

Security Technology

The application of technology in security has been a bit slow in the beginning but today it has gained momentum and technology has permeated in to every aspect of protecting your premises and businesses. We provide as assortment of latest technology products in securing our clients’ business interests with fool proof Access Control systems, Bio-metric Identification, Perimeter Fencing. Electronic Surveillance, Patrolling Systems, RFID Systems etc. customized to your business requirements.

Security and Risk Management Training and Consultancy

Training and consultancy is one of the core competencies of SecurityRiskControl Inc., and it can partner with the clients on their entire needs on training and awareness programmes, classroom sessions, Security and Risk Management seminars etc. The leadership team at SecurityRiskControl Inc. has extensive experience in conducting seminars and class room sessions on Security and Risk Management. We also offer our clients with education and awareness modules at par with International standards.

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